Dependable Care At Home

Dependable Care At Home Provides High Quality Primary Care For Adults.

Patient-Centred Approach

At Dependable Care At Home, one of our main goals is the care and comfort our clients. We achieve this by adhering to their preferences, needs and values as requested.

Quality Service

This agency's focus is primarily on the 1:1 relationship with our Direct Support Professionals and clients. We believe giving attention to our clients promote a positive environment for their growth.

Affordable and Accessible

We accept most major health insurance. For more information, you are more than welcomed to schedule an appointment with one of our staff.

Comprehensive Primary Care for Adults

  • Patients and family are the center focus.
  • We strive to improve patient and family connections through consistent means of social support with diverse knowledge, skills and experiences.
  • Direct Support Professionals perform at the top of their training.
  • Ongoing coaching throughout the year to sharpen and develop Direct Support Professional’s knowledge when providing care to patients with complex acute and chronic conditions and those without.

Why Choose US

Dependable Care At Home is focused on ensuring our clients get top quality care. As a small agency, we understand the need for close, compassionate supervision for family members who may be older in age or may have some disability that prevents them from living a full-fledged life. We take this into consideration as each individual is different and require particular needs, and as such, we fulfill these needs through physical, emotional and spiritual support. Dependable Care At Home exists to serve you when you cannot do the things you once were able to, for yourselves. We are the foundation that will uphold you and the pillar that will guide you through the most difficult situations. This is our philosophy, and it is the same philosophy imparted with our Direct Support Professional’s.

Your Well-being is Our Top Priority

Request an appointment today and we promise to help you to the best of our ability.
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Consultation with a member of our team.

If you need to consult  talk to a member of our team about the services offered or working for us. You can fill out the form and someone will contact you as soon as possible.