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Full Range of Primary Care at Home Services for the adults.

Meal Preparation

Dependable Care At Home staff is able to help you prepare a grocery list, meal plan and assist you with shopping. Our staff is trained in regard to food safety, being mindful of allergic reactions, and proper preparation of certain dishes to ensure that your loved ones are eating substantial meals. Contact Dependable Care At Home for an appointment.

Personal Care

Our Direct Support Professionals are committed to helping their 1:1’s who suffer from physical limitations or cognitive impairments. We take the compassionate care of each patient seriously. Our personal care system ensures that basic hygiene needs, household chores are met in addition to utilizing exercises and fun activities to encourage and promote physical and mental development. This kind of support can range from getting out of bed in the morning, helping with washing and dressing, assistance with maintaining personal appearance, help and support with toileting/incontinence, and getting settled for bed.


We offer emotional support emotional and physical aid. We not only strive to help you with everyday tasks, but we diligently seek to develop a caring relationship with you as we provide one-on-one attention and care that compare to no other agency. Through fulfilling their needs, our workers provide their patients with much-needed TLC to navigate life.

Disability Care

Community Habilitation

Community Habilitation allows individuals to live their life without regret—both in their homes and in their community. Comm Hab. plans are created through a joint agreement with our team, the individual being served, and the family members. Each plan details the individual’s goals and outlines particular steps staff needs to support the individuals’ goal.

In-Home Crisis Respite Program

This service provides in-home crisis respite for individuals of all ages. Staff is trained to support individuals that may have challenging behaviors.

24 Hours Care

Dependable Care At Home provides 24-Hour home health care with two aide’s present. Direct Support Professionals are trained to comply and work effectively during their shifts, ensuring their 1:1 is safe and satisfied.
This type of care ranges from:
Domestic Shopping
Extremely Reactive Palliative Care
Convalescent Home Care
Complex Care
Dementia Care
Hygiene Care
Long- and short-term care arrangement with low or high dependency need to help remain independent within the daily basic needs. If there are special requests, you can let it be known to our staff and we will work alongside you to fulfil your petition.

Wheelchair Assistant

Dependable Care At Home is, comprised of a positive and friendly environment. Staff is trained to aid clients who may possess difficulty walking or may be unable to walk, through wheelchair assistance. Our workers are able to transport patients safely to and from required locations while remaining alert to potential hazards which may cause accidents.

Convenient Healthcare Services

Online Consultations

If you have any inquiries regarding our agency, you are more than welcome to send us an email and we will reach out to you shortly.

In-your-home Visits

In Home Visits are request based. For more information, please reach out to us and we will further explain how this process works.

Urgent Appointments

Should there ever be an issue or a need for a Direct Support Professionals (DSP) to take care of your family member, we implore you to call us immediately so that we may set up a meeting and a system that works for you.
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